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  Raal and Jez chew the fat on the 'Breakfast in Brighton' show on Radio Reverb
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Berlin 2014 (TBC)


'..Songs of charity, "Please Give Generously (and save the middle classes)", minced with fag-posturing, warbling, wry observation, quick-of-wit couplets, danced with nimble Olga Corbett guitar. With the sound of a leering second Earl of Rochester in head-to-toe hedonism, ram raiding an Oddbins, only to drink himself to tears at his own reflection'. ----Latest 7

'fine high-energy songs underpinned by punchy, staccato rhythms' 'high-octane' ----PunkBrighton

'The Week That Creeps is like an unearthed Fall classic and suddenly DD jump two divisions. Very promising. ---Brighton Source

'True Entertainers, evoking the spirit of New Values Iggy and the menace of the Bad Seeds. 'Oozing class' ---Liquid-fournir

'these fans of skinny pants and big onstage personalities have the kind of sound that makes the indie girls go crazy. Hordes of fans are sure to be swarming soon ---Big Yawn USA

'When Deadbeat Descendant crash the stage, the temperatures are high, but any chance of the audience cooling off are snuffed out as the Deadbeats fire out a trademark high-energy set. Comparisons with The Fall and Iggy Pop are hard to avoid, but the Deadbeats aren't mimics and have come tonight to entertain the crowd. Vocal man Raal Harris has the right mix of shoulder-turning indifference and leg-twitching mania to keep eyes firmly drawn to centre stage as he rockfalls through the brainy lyrics and rocking-horse melodies that unify the set with dark humour and knowing winks. This is a band that 'know what they are doing', and they pull it off with aplomb, their live set a crowd-pleasing mix of scolding and rewarding songs, which sums up the evening nicely. ---Kerrang


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